Tuesday, November 8

The Corporate Innovation conference track is a learning space where corporate innovators and intrapreneurs can meet, exchange experiences, co-create and refine approaches and methodologies for innovating and creating a culture of entrepreneurship within the organisation.

Digital Transformation is a key theme that every organisation faces as technology continues to change how we work. Every company requires modernisation of their technologies, processes, strategy and culture. This year the Corporate Innovation track is for leaders at the forefront of change and driving their companies into the future.

Join the Corporate Innovation track to meet other digital transformers leading the conversation and driving change in their organisations.

Track leader:
Brian Tomlinson (DE)
Engaging and energetic digital operator

8.00 - 9.00

Breakfast & Registration
The conversation starts at breakfast. Have one or several cups of coffee and get a great start to the rest of the day.

9.00 - 9.15

Welcome and kick-off by our host Janus Boye

9.15 - 10.30

Track: Corporate Innovation

Going from transactional partnership to ecosystems where everyone wins

Jan has been in the pharmaceutical industry for almost 10 years with his heart and mind on direct patient benefit. His entrepreneurial background paired with his deep love for tech and learning new things naturally drove him into Innovation. Currently Jan is in a Leading Global Role focusing on building the future of healthcare with both internal software as medical device development, co-creating with the ecosystem as well as partnering with start-ups and external companies. Jan is an investor himself and mentors several start-ups in Accelerators.

In his session, Jan will tackle what it takes in 2022 to keep being disruptive as a company going from transactional partnerships to building ecosystems where everyone wins.

How we need to act as leaders, what to look out for when pushing the boundaries and how we can be faster and be better, more human centered leaders when charting this new waters.

10.30 - 10.45

Coffee, tea & networking

10.45 - 12.00

Track: Corporate Innovation

The Innovation Landscape today

What can the past tell us?

What do games have to do with Innovation?

What are challenges and opportunities when we gamify the innovation process?

Let's Jump into the Innovation Magic Circle to find out!

12.00 - 13.00


13.00 - 14.15

Track: Corporate Innovation

Open Innovation: Bridging the gap between innovation theatre and real impact

 The purpose of the session is to share my key learnings from Arla’s ongoing journey with upskilling the organisation and designing a governance structure for open innovation projects.

We’ll also have time to hear about the gap in your own organisation - bring your own experiences in bridging it to really make innovation happen

14.15 - 14.45

Coffee, tea & networking

14.45 - 15.45

Track: Corporate Innovation

From a business demand to a critical technology innovation that saves big money

We tried, and we failed... But as they say: Failure was not an option.

Initially we were tasked to do a chatbot that answers questions such as "I am covered if I break my car driving into a tree on the side of the road?".

Our initial problem statement and business demand pointed us to the biggest problem in insurance……

We solved the issue, created a new technology on the way, and now we can automate the entire insurance value chain.

This is the story of how we did it and along the way, Sam will point to a few parts of the process, that you can use in your innovation activities.

15.45 - 16.00

Wrap-up & key learnings

16.00 - 16.15

Coffee, tea & networking

16.15 - 17.00

Keynote: Data Democracy and Data Ethics

How do we ensure individual rights and business competitiveness in a data-driven world?

Hear about ethical dilemmas and the latest technologies, how data ethics becomes law and how to stay ahead by using ethically responsible tools.

Pernille Tranberg (DK)
Co-founder of

17.10 - 18.30

Informal city walk
Meet at the registration desk for a small guided tour of Aarhus
Highlights include Hesitation of Light, former Gestapo HQ, Latin Quarter, Endless Connections, Magic Mushrooms, and the famous Rainbow Panorama.

18.30 - 22.00

Social Event: Conference Dinner
Location: Aarhus Street Food, Ny Banegårdsgade 46, 8000 Aarhus C

On the evening of Conference Day #1, everybody who has arrived in Aarhus is welcome to join us for an informal evening dinner in a nice setting.