Thursday, November 10

Creative tech fuels better change. It’s all about thinking creative about tech and using tech in new ways to make things better.

Join our new Creative Tech conference track to learn about bringing voices to chatbots, implementing MarTech and much more. As usual our focus is on learning from the best, and also sharing the real story from those who are working with this everyday in complex organisations.

Track Leader:
Ivo Lukac (HR)
Chief One To Blame at Netgen

8.00 - 9.00

Breakfast & Registration
The conversation starts at breakfast. Have one or several cups of coffee and get a great start to the rest of the day.

9.00 - 9.15

Welcome to the conference by our host Janus Boye

Q&A with Martin Thim, author of the new book “The World Coup”. A pessimistic hopeful manifest, which comes out later this month.

Opening feat.: Martin Thim (DK)
Author of “The World Coup”

9.15 - 10.00

Keynote: Thinking about Futures, Now

The future is often being thought of as being hidden behind veils of uncertainty, or a reality that we must eventually accept. But is the only value of future? How should we think about the future, and how does the future help us make decisions now?

This talk will examine future at the intersection of speculative design, storytelling, and system thinking. Each discipline has a unique approach to the future, and reveals to us a truth of what it will be.

The future has always been a political space, in order for leaders to navigate the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous landscape of today and tomorrow, we must increase our future literacy, so that we gain the urgent optimism needed to shape the future for the better.

Alicia Shao (DK)
Senior Service Designer at Maersk

10.00 - 10.30

Coffee, tea & networking

10.30 - 12.00

Track: Creative Tech

First we’ll hear from Claus at Klean

Get creative with no-code

The way we work will change in the future. Technologies have matured, and out-the-box solutions can be used creatively without coding. And there is a lot of tools out there.

Learn how to change the way you work, and start using no-code tools to achieve results faster.

Following Claus is Morten, who joins us from DCR

No-code digitalization - from text to system in a few hours

Transform laws, regulation, and specification from text into a running computer system in a few hours. 

Morten will briefly present the concept of Dynamic Condition Response Graphs, a concept developed in collaboration with researchers from top ranking universities.

Using a few examples Morten will demonstrate how DCR Graphs can be used for no-code digitalization as inspiration for a discussion about the value and possibilities.

12.00 - 13.00


13.00 - 13.45

Track: Creative Tech

Composable design

Having multiple projects with similar specs often leads to duplicate implementations or code. Similarly having different vendors, but a wish to align can be challenging.

At Salling Group we solved this by implementing Shared Modules that work in a composable fashion.

Join this session for a deep dive into the thoughts that went into creating the solution that we work with today.

13.45 - 14.00

Coffee, tea & networking

14.00 - 15.00

Lightning Talks

15.00 - 15.15

Coffee, tea & networking

15.15 - 16.00

Track: Creative Tech

Should chatbots get a voice?

Chatbots have populated millions of websites, but users are moving away from desktop into apps and voice assistants. To catch the users, it is tempting to connect a voice service to your well-developed chatbots and call it a day.

Danish insurance firm Tryg spent 2 years and countless hours trying to greet their customers with synthetic voice. Even though the reception was great, full-scale is still some way ahead.

16.00 - 16.15

Coffee, tea & networking

16.15 - 17.00

Town Hall Debate
Join expert panelists in an engaging, fast-paced debate on key issues for 2022 and beyond

2 conference participants will go pro and con for 2 minutes each on a series of important questions in the community, and we invite you to join in. Audience members will be invited to provide 2-minute rebuttals

An opportunity to learn more about hot topics - with a minimum of hot air.

18.30 - 22.00

Social Event: Farewell Dinner
Location: FLUX, Frederiksgade 42, 8000 Aarhus C

Those still around and with some energy left are invited for one final, nice post-conference dinner.
You’ll get a chance to talk with colleagues, and other participants over a glass (or two!) of wine or beer before leaving Aarhus.